Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the most common questions I hear when setting up in-home or virtual wine tastings!

As always, feel free to reach out directly with any specific questions.

When do you schedule your tastings?

What type of wines will you bring?

How long will the tasting last?

What should I provide during an in-person tasting?

Should I have multiple glasses for each attendee?

What appetizers should I provide?

Where should we have the tasting in our home?

Can you explain how virtual tastings work?

Are the wines available to order during the tasting?

So is this a high-pressure sale?

We're making this wine tasting a birthday party celebration. Is that ok?

I won a certificate at a charity event recently. Can I just pickup the wine and skip the tasting?

Does everyone have to be 21?

Do people usually tip at the end of the tasting?

What if I need to cancel the wine tasting?